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SKU: 10420
    • 20 controls, 115 ms
    • The size of half a credit card. Punch by smacking on a BSF-8
    • Dimensions are 54 x 54 x 1 mm
    • For youth, limited checkpoint, and mass market applications


    • Minimum 50, Our house red and white design
    • Minimum 100, Custom printed with your artwork!
         Special drop ship fee, and lead times apply
    • Order in increments of 50
    • Bulk discounts apply


    • To punch, be sure to touch to the hole of the BSF8, not the middle
    • Clean your pCards (or any SI-Card) with lukewarm soapy water
    • Works in SportSoftware's OE2010, verified V.11.0
    • Make sure your download master is not set to 'extended protocol'


    • Lanyard or wrist strap accessory optional ($1.00):
      • We carry orange neck lanyard with metal clip or,
      • SPORTident 25cm elastic wrist band (like finger strap but longer).
      • Or source your own solution to use with holes provided.


    • Custom printed artwork:
      • Vector artwork or very high resolution raster is best
      • Given your logos and artwork, SPORTident will perform basic layout
      • If you prefer, graphic design templates can be (downloaded here)
      • Either way, you will have the opportunity to review PDF proofs
      • You can have artwork for each the front and the back
      • The SI logo and serial number stay on the back, but can be repositioned

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