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Minimun order: 12 Stands


Now professionally machined in Long Beach, California


Pricing is unbundled


New: THREADED accessory holes


Features and Benefits:

  • Threaded attachment holes in top
  • Easier attachment and replacement
  • Option to decline accessories
  • Pricing is now unbundled
  • Fewer sharp points
  • Top is threaded and SCREWS tight to rod
  • Then hammering cap-nut synchs it down
  • Simplified and less expensive shipping
  • Interchangeable parts, easy assembly
  • See new photos
  • 36" x 3/8" (9.5mm) stiff aluminum hex rod construction
  • T-Bar bolts, holder to plate, then plate to rod
  • BSF8 holder installed, BSF7 optional
  • Includes hammering cap and blousing straps
  • Developed and manufactured in California USA
  • Lightweight, durable, and compact: Deploy dozens at a time
  • Stand/punch/flag/SI station in one
  • Integrated tangle-free unit for transportation, storage, and service
  • Blousing saves wear and tear on your equipment
  • After subtracting out holder, price of stand is unbeatable!
  • Developed in cooperation with the:  Scottish 6-Day




  • New marker (SPORTident) can be added, sold separately
  • Suggested minimum order is 16
  • Shipping charges subject to change

T-Bar Stand


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