SPORTident ComCard Up and Pro compass

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The latest innovation

  • SPORTident Card integrated into a thumb compass!

  • Patent-pending design
  • No deviation of the compass needle
  • SI-Card chip is under the thumb
  • Thin coil is around compass capsule
  • Therefore punch center of capsule to hole of station
  • Note chip and coil visible in photo
  • ComCard does not beep or flash, control station does

  • Compatible with MOSCOW COMPASS brand capsules
  • Left and right hand thumb available
  • Sold as complete package of thumb plate, SI-Card and capsule
  • Available for Northern Hemisphere, Australia/New Zealand and Brazil

    ComCard Up

  • SI-Card8 technology (115ms, 30 punch)
  • Moscow Compass Model 11 capsule
  • Quality competition needle

    ComCard Pro

  • SI-Card10 technology (60ms, 128 punch)
  • Moscow Compass Model 3
  • Faster and more stable needle

Images and video copyright © 2014 SPORTident GmbH
Note: Production model of ComCard does not have an LED/flash

Technical specifications of Moscow Compass capsules (PDF)

SPORTident ComCard
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