SI-Active Card (Air+ SIAC)

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  • The most advanced timing chip in the world, see Air+ page.
  • For MTB Enduro, sprint orienteering, obstacle course, military, etc.
  • Air+ and conventional compatible
  • Onboard circuitry determines Air+ punch time
  • Mix and match both BS11 and BSF8 punches
  • SIAC itself flashes and beeps with a punch
  • Turns on with a BSF8 Check station, turns off with Finish

  • 128 punch capacity
  • Four colors to choose from
  • Includes elastic finger strap band and retail packaging
  • Battery included, factory replaceable
  • Made in Germany, warranteed
Update: Also works fine at regular SPORTident events
  • Purchase an SIAC and use at Air+ or non-Air+ events
  • Simply do not punch at Check station to keep SIAC "off"
  • Will not consume battery, acts like SI-Card10
  • (The SIAC is in fact an SI-Card10 plus Air+ microcontroller)
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SIAC - SPORTident Active Card
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