Air+ MTB Enduro Timing Set

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Bundled 5-Stage / 150-Rider Set:

  • Overview: See
  • Technical: See general Air+ page (at left)

  • New bundle pruchase price, expand as needed
  • Additional rental SIAC chips ship from Los Angeles
  • JAS Timing and Scoring software recommended
  • Limited time 25% additional discount applied


  • 150x SIAC active chips
  • 5x BS11-Small stage start (1.8m touchless)
  • 5x BS11-Large stage finish (3m touchless gate)
  • 1x BSM8-USB readout
  • 2x SRR Dongle readout
  • 5x Admin units: Batt Check, Clear, On, Off, Readout
  • 1x case, 1x coupling stick, 1x Service/Off card
  • Upgrade options: Add stages, chips, etc.


  • SPORTident configuration software included, download online
  • Enduro event/results software: SI Timing
    - SI Timing (link) (See website for pricing)
       - MTB Enduro Sets Medium and Large have a one-year license included
       - Is used for all events in the MTB Enduro World Series
       - Provides timing/results for events with as few as 5 to as many as 5000 participants
       - There are various SIAC battery management tools built into the software
       - Martin and Andrew provide great customer support

Chip ownership:

  • SIAC serial numbers are worldwide unique!
  • Chips in the Set could be purchased and owned by participants
  • Add stages as needed
  • Add chips as needed
  • Larger bundled sets available, please email
MTB enduro timing system
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